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This page aims to provide a selection of links to additional information currently available online.  

Woven Together - A Brief History of Ethnic Diversity in Dundee by project lead Matthew Jarron

 - Woven Together – Dundee’s Multicultural History Project | Abertay Historical Society

Breaking the Chains - a walking trail of slavery and anti-slavery in Dundee - Dundee Slavery Trail | Leisure and Culture Dundee

The University of Dundee Founders Report - exploring the institution's connections to slavery - An Introduction to the University of Dundee Founders Report ( 

Historic Environment Scotland blog on the history of buildings used by Dundee's South Asian communities - Dundee’s South Asian Stories - Historic Environment Scotland Blog

Colourful Heritage project film about Dundee - Dundee - Jam, Jute, Journalism and Dr Jainti - Colourful Heritage

Colourful Heritage project Dundee event - Dundee Celebration Dinner - Colourful Heritage

Dhaka to Dundee (One World Centre schools pack) - Dhaka to Dundee – One World Centre

Film of the Hindu community celebrating Diwali in 2000 - 'YOUR DUNDEE: The Millennium Dundee on Film Project' (5971) - Moving Image Archive catalogue (

Courier article on the history of Indian and other South Asian restaurants in Dundee - Memories of some of Dundee's Middle Eastern cuisine (

Courier article on the challenges of Ramadan during the COVID pandemic - Muslims in Tayside and Fife begin fasting for holy month of Ramadan (

History of Dundee International Women's Centre - Our History (

The Scottish Jutewallah by Dr Bashabi Fraser - Fraser (

Jack's Yarn, an anti-slavery song sold at the Poet's Box, Dundee - Broadside ballad entitled 'Jack's Yarn' (

Archaeological investigation of the Dundee Sugar House, Seagate - p103-118-Perry.pdf (

Courier article about Tayside links to Transatlantic slavery - Taysiders 'horrified' as communities face up to 'shameful' slave trade past (

Notable people:

Shehzad Afzal, film-maker and video game designer - Shehzad Afzal - Wikipedia

Fazal Ahmed (Colourful Heritage interview) - Mr Fazal Ahmed - Colourful Heritage

Noel Blake, footballer - Noel Blake - Wikipedia

Naeto C, Nigerian musician and producer - Naeto C - Wikipedia

Mohammed Bashir Chohan (Colourful Heritage interview) - Mohammed Bashir Chohan - Colourful Heritage

Kalam Chowdhury (Colourful Heritage interview) - Kalam Chowdhury - Colourful Heritage

Information about Kalam Chowdhury, Ahmar Ghafoor and Nani Bhusan Ghose as part of the Abertay 25 project - First of Abertays Firsts | Abertay University

Anuja Dhir, barrister and judge - Anuja Dhir - Wikipedia

Frederick Douglass in Dundee - Frederick Douglass in Scotland - Spotlight: Dundee (

Reports of his speeches -

Dundee: 27-29 January 1846 (

Dundee: 30 January 1846 (

Dundee: 9 February 1846 (

Dundee: 10 March 1846 (

Dundee: 28 September 1846 (

Dundee: 23 October 1846 (

Margaret Faulkner (one of the founders of the Tayside Community Relations Council) on the Dundee Women's Trail - Faulkner, Margaret née Dove – Social Activist | Dundee Women's Trail (

Abdul Hamid (Colourful Heritage interview) - Mr Abdul Hamid - Colourful Heritage

Mohammed Hanif (Colourful Heritage interview) - Mr Mohammed Hanif - Colourful Heritage

Keith Harris, music artist manager and Rector of the University of Dundee - Keith Harris (artist manager) - Wikipedia

Mohammed Issa (Colourful Heritage interview) - Mohammed Issa - Colourful Heritage

Mohammed Issa, Courier obituary - Mohammed Issa: Former Dundee Citizen of the Year dies aged 59 (

Arpit Jariwala, orthopaedic surgeon - Getting to know you – Arpit Jariwala | One Dundee

Jaimina Jethwa's play The Last Queen of Scotland - The Last Queen of Scotland | National Theatre of Scotland ( and The Last Queen of Scotland, Dundee Rep July 21-22 (

Boaz Kipchumba Kaino, Kenyan politician - Boaz Kipchumba Kaino - Wikipedia

University of Dundee blog about student Derrick Mwanje Kakai and his grandfather - Mentoring and memories – how Dundee is helping one student advance his career and connect with his late grandmother | One Dundee 

Walter Kamba - Professor Walter Kamba: A man of conscience (

Sekai Machache, artist - Sekai Machache | Visual Artist

Haji Abdul Majid (Colourful Heritage interview) - Haji Abdul Majid - Colourful Heritage

Mohammed Abdul Maleque (Colourful Heritage interview) - Mohammed Abdul Maleque - Colourful Heritage

Nelson Mandela awarded Freedom of the City - Crowds chanted on historic night as Dundee gave Nelson Mandela the city keys (

Claude Moraes, politician and campaigner - Claude Moraes - Wikipedia

Farshid Moussavi, architect - Farshid Moussavi - Wikipedia

Kehinde Oduyemi, engineering lecturer - Kehinde Oduyemi — Abertay University

Okhai family - 'KEILLER MARMALADE / OKHAI DUNDEE' (N0545) - Moving Image Archive catalogue ( and Mr Bashir Okhai - Colourful Heritage

Ibrahim Okhai, Courier obituary - Ibrahim Okhai, chairman of Dundee Central Mosque Trust (

Yusuf Okhai, Courier feature - Dundee businessman's drive after £5m legal battle devastation (

Narendra Patel, obstetrician and former Chancellor of the University of Dundee - Narendra Patel, Baron Patel - Wikipedia

Cynthia Pine, dental educator - Cynthia Pine - Wikipedia

Jainti Dass Saggar - The Amazing Story Of Dr Jainti Dass Saggar - Colourful Heritage and The doctor who made arduous sea journey to change lives in Scotland - YouTube and Jainti Saggar - interview with Professor Hopkins 21 Dec 2020 - YouTube

Sam Selvon, former writer in residence at the University of Dundee - Sam Selvon - Wikipedia

Cardinal Cornelius Sim - Cornelius Sim - Wikipedia

Mary Slessor, missionary - 1963 documentary film - 'SHE BLAZED A TRAIL' (4133) - Moving Image Archive catalogue (

Sneha Solanki, artist - Sneha Solanki - Wikipedia

Inge Zaamwani-Kamwi, Namibian businesswoman and presidential advisor - Inge Zaamwani-Kamwi - Wikipedia

Links to organisations in Dundee:

Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, Dundee - Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Dundee | Facebook

Al-Maktoum College - Al-Maktoum College of Higher Education | Dundee (

Black Atlantic Research Dundee - Black Atlantic Research Dundee

Dudhope Multicultural Centre - Dudhope Multicultural Centre (

Dundee Chinese School - Dundee Chinese School | Facebook

Dundee International Women's Centre - Dundee International Women’s Centre – (

Dundee Islamic Society - Dundee Islamic Society

Dundee University Students Association list of societies - A-Z - DUSA

House of Praise, Dundee - RCCG House of Praise, Dundee (

One World Centre - One World Centre

Taught by Muhammad - Taught By Muhammad | About Us

University of Dundee BME Staff Network - Staff networks to support equality diversity, and inclusion | University of Dundee

Yusuf Youth Initiative - YYI Community Hub | Facebook

Links to organisations elsewhere in Scotland:

Coalition for Racial Quality and Rights - Black History | crer

Colourful Heritage Schools Resource Pack - Schools - Colourful Heritage

A' Adam's Bairns - a resource pack exploring equality and diversity in Scotland - A’ Adam’s Bairns? – Scotdec 

Scotland's Empire Museum Project - About Us – Empire Museum

Confronting the Legacy of Slavery in Scotland - blog post on the University of Dundee's Centre for Scottish Culture webpage - Confronting the Legacy of Slavery in Scotland (

Scotland and Slavery article on Black History Month website - Scotland and Slavery - Black History Month 2022

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